This time I’m writing about a rapper called Eminem. Why you may ask, because I have a regular writing schedule with my mom to write about something and anything and I kinda wanted about something else other than always writing about the mountain.

So why Eminem? Because he is one of the rappers that I like and a few more reasons that I will explain later on.

So Eminem is a white rapper, his real name is Marshall Bruce Matters which was a title for one of his songs. He was born in Missouri and is an only child. His parents were also in the music industry, they were in a band called Daddy Warbucks. His parents got a divorce so he lived with his mom while his father moved to California. He started rapping in the age of 14. He rapped together with his friend named Mike. They were called the M & M. And that’s how the legacy started.

So the reason I liked Eminem was because my mom also likes Eminem. So I was used to hearing Eminem songs since 7, instead of hearing lullaby songs to bed I heard Eminem songs. My favorite song until now is Mockingbird, it’s about his wife and children. The reason I like that song because its not real fast rap, I can keep up with it so I understand the lyrics.

So, why I like Eminem. There are 3 reasons, number one, because he’s a white man that can rap real fast. The way I see it, most famous real rappers are black. There are only a few white rappers that go international, and Eminem is one of them. Maybe part of the reason he’s good at rapping is because he used to live in a black neighborhood with only 3 white families there. After a lot of research, I understand about how Eminem makes his lyrics. I’m gonna say what I found just in my own language.

Most of his songs are about himself. The way he writes it is he stacks his lyrics in writings, either it’s about his anger, depression, or disgust. He calls this stacking ammo.

Second, when he’s had enough of everything, almost at breaking point. He rhymes it up and makes it a rap. That’s how his starting songs are made. And how is he so good at stacking rhymes and lyrics? He has been making rhymes since 14, and his debut album only came out when he was 24. In an interview he said, he makes rhymes around 2 hours a day. He has lots to write about, his up and down relationship with his mother, his almost nonexistent relationship with his father, or how he’s constantly getting bullied at his neighborhood and his school.

Eminem has a really strong mentality; he used his not so exciting past to fuel him up in the rap industry. Another this is that Dr Dre, also a famous rapper, helped Eminem to sign a contract with Dr Dre’s aftermath entertainment music label and interscoope records. His first album “Infinite”, only sold around 1000 copies after he signed for aftermath/interscope, and got Dr Dre as his mentor/producer. His next album “The Marshall Mathers LP” sold around 5 million copies. This album was rap at its finest for me. It’s the perfect combination of emotional songs like “Kim” and songs that make you laugh like ‘The Real Slim Shady”. Another thing I like about Eminem is his dedication to rap, like I said before, Eminem has been practicing rap since 14, and he’s 48 now. Means he’s been rapping for 34 years, and in he’s latest song Godzilla, he says he has no plan in retiring soon.

Eminem also has an alter ego, he names it Slim Shady. The way Slim Shady raps is very different from Eminem. In my opinion, Slim Shady raps are more funky and humourism, while Eminem’s raps are either emotional or moving. Slim was born when in the real beginning of his career he joined a group called The Best 12 Rappers in Detroit or in short D12 and there were only 6 people, so all of them made an alter ego. And that’s were Slim Shady was born. Actually, Eminem doesn’t rap that fast, compared to other rappers, Eminem only raps 21 syllables/second, and there are many rappers that rap 22 syllables/second more.

For me what makes him more special than other rappers are his beats and rhymes, when I hear his song, it gets catchier the longer you hear it.

And its not only me who likes Eminem, there are millions of people who listen to Eminem. I think, people like Eminem because he’s really brave, in a disrespectful way. He made a short distract to Trump, and in his song White America, he said everything in his mind against President Bush. And not only to the American president, if you had have a problem with Eminem, it was fuck you to you.

One more thing is that he doesn’t act as if his past life was something embarrassing, he opens it up to the whole world and makes it a song.

These are the reasons why I and many more people like Eminem, thank you for reading and have a good day.


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