It’s not just about you and me.

It’s not as simple as that. Nor black and white. Never as that

Life is much more worthy than fuckin’ minded people. People like you.

Another message, another scar. Another word another wound. Another day, another hope.

Life goes on

Apologize me

My wings have reached their widest length and furthest distance. Can’t fly no further. A Limitation

Apologize me

Ain’t trapped in your illusion. My mind has no border. I’m above your limitation. I’m Beyond your imagination.

Apologize me for believing in humanity above anything

Apologize me for loving my son unconditionally

Apologize you for no regret – of losing me

Apologize me for no regret – of losing you

We had a turbulence connection. So high so down. Never in between. We were friend. We were best friend. We were couple. We were lover. We were husband and wife. In a friendship, we were laughing together. In love, we were hurting each other. Never even wanna stop. We loved the way how tears rolling down our heart. We loved the way how our eyes staring each other painfully.

We say no sorry. No need. We have no regret. No need.

At last, we are happy in a most painful way. We are fine. In a most chaotic heart. We smile to the world. We laugh every time. Putting our crystallised bleeding wound behind our skin.

At last, we are nothing. Just a painful memory, a glorious one, a happy one, a sad one, a tragic one. Just a name. Of you. Of me. A name hiding behind our heart. Lying in the ground of our soul. Too scared to form in any kind of existence.

Names that are too taboo to hear even to our own ears.

– 2019

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